The Heroes

Canard: When Puckworld was captured by Dragaunus, Canard was the one who found the legendary Mask of Drake Ducaine and organized the resistance against their Saurian overlords. Canard’s mission was successful and Dragaunus was forced to flee Puckworld and set course for - you guessed it - Earth. Unfortunately, in order to save his team from perishing in the dimensional limbo, Canard sacrificed himself, passing the Mask and leadership on to his old friend Wildwing. Whether Canard is still alive somewhere inside limbo is unknown, but the Ducks remain hopeful.

Wildwing: Wildwing was a young man, minding his own business, when all of a sudden his planet is conquered by beings straight from legends, he’s herded into a group of prisoners heading for work camps, and he finds out that his best friend is the leader of a rebellion.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the best day he’d ever had.

Wildwing agreed to join Canard’s rebellion on basic principle, to free his home and his people, but with one condition - that his younger brother come with him. Wildwing was the one Canard chose to take his place before he ‘died’ and he remains fiercely loyal to the team. Wildwing is a little unsure of himself and battles with the occasional self-doubt, but the Ducks have every faith in him, and even regard him as a better leader than Canard was.

Wildwing can be a bit stiff at times, especially when dealing with saving the world, but off-duty he’s usually the voice of calm and reason between the often volatile members of his team.

Favorite Quote: "This is a weird way to go: Eaten by a surf and turf dinner."

Nosedive: Wildwing’s younger brother and the wildcard of the team, Nosedive always has a smart comeback ready for the villain du jour and a trick up his sleeve. Often hot-headed and impulsive Dive always manages to land on his feet.

The youngest member of the team very nearly wasn’t a member of the team at all when their former leader, Canard, thought he’d be more trouble than he was worth. Nosedive proved himself when he saved Canard and the others from Dragaunus shortly before Canard was lost. Now Dive’s combat and hockey skills make him a valuable addition to the team.

Dive seems to be adjusting to life on Earth the best. His two best friends, Mook and Thrash, have introduced him to video games, comic books, slang, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see him on a surfboard one of these days. He seems like a typical teenager at first glance, but he’s loyal and devoted. He may be regarded as the Mighty Ducks’ weak link, but only by those who don’t pay enough attention.

Favorite Quote: "Stand back and watch the kid at work!"

Mallory: Mallory McMallard was a member of the military on Puckworld before Dragaunus came and when Canard approached her to join the rebellion she jumped at the chance. Her knowledge of combat and weaponry techniques make her a valuable member of the team and she’s the closest thing they’ve got to a second in command. She takes strategy and tactics seriously and sometimes forgets that the others don’t have the same training as she.

Mallory’s only failings are her ineptness with all things mechanical, and her temper, which sometimes gets the better of her. She’s a good person, and a loyal member of the team - there are few people you’d rather have at your back - but she can be awfully sarcastic. Her favorite target seems to be Nosedive, mainly because they’re so different, but they have managed to work together without killing each other.

Favorite Quote: "Tanya, I gotta be honest with ya. Me and machines, we don’t get along so well."

Duke: For Duke l’Orange being a rebel was practically second nature. As a member of the Brotherhood of the Sword, an organization of professional thieves, Duke made breaking the rules of society a lifestyle. But rebel or not, Duke had no love for a planet enslaved by the Saurians, and when Canard asked him to join the rebellion he accepted.

Duke’s skills as a thief come in handy as a rebel and crimefighter. He can bypass alarms and locks of practically any sort and his fighting skills give him an edge over Dragaunus’ hunter drones. His main weapon is a sword, sort of like Luke Skywalker’s light saber, capable of cutting through just about anything. He also tends to be the conscience of the team - odd when you consider that back on Puckworld he was one of the most notorious jewel thieves alive.

Duke may be the oldest member of the team, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying a good practical joke on occasion. A decent person with few failings, Duke’s greatest challenge to overcome seems to be a bad sense of humor.

Favorite Quote: "I found him - most of him anyway. Guy seems to have lost his head. heh heh"

Grin: "I am one with the universe," pretty much sums it up for Grin. Grin’s spiritual and meditative philosophy sometimes seems at odds with the rest of him: he’s easily big and strong enough to challenge Superman. However, when it comes to taking out hunter drones, there’s no one better - especially using their bare hands!

Grin prefers peace to fighting and is the first one to suggest a peaceful solution to the problem at hand. However, he’s not above getting down and dirty with the rest of the team when there’s no other way. Grin’s insistence on seeing the best in people is often rewarded, especially in the case of Stanley Strazinski, a rowdy hockey player turned monster who saw the light of reason after talking with Grin.

Despite his sometimes intimidating presence, Grin has a big heart and a good sense of humor. He’s also trusting, almost to a fault.

Favorite Quote: "It’s time to raise your consciousness. If you do not find enlightenment and help your fellow man, I’m gonna rearrange your face."

Tanya: Tanya is the creative and technological genius of the team. Her inventions have saved the day more than once; unfortunately she also has a nasty habit of blowing things up! Tanya tends to get wrapped up in her work, which can make her look a little ‘out there’ at times.

Tanya’s contributions to the team include their supercomputer, Drake One, the puck launchers, ice shields and, of course, the Migrator and Duckcycles. Tanya’s friends have also proved helpful, as in the case of Dr. Huggerman who helped them defeat Dragaunus’ energy beings.

Tanya can get a little distant at times when working on a project and she tends to be a little quiet, but she’s always there for the team, and she’s not above participating in the verbal sparring that passes between the members of the team.

Favorite Quote: "heh heh. Little miscalculation..."

The Villains

Dragaunus: Dragaunus was the only member of the Saurian people to escape the Dimensional Limbo. Using a Gateway Generator Dragaunus, along with three henchmen, Wraith, Siege and Chameleon, escaped and set out to destroy Puckworld in retaliation for millennia of exile. He partially succeeded and set up rule on Puckworld for several months before a rebellion led by a Puckworlder named Canard forced him to abandon ship and flee into another dimension. Upon reaching Earth Dragaunus has attempted to restore his empire, but so far has been unsuccessful.

Dragaunus’ main failing, besides being a homicidal manic with delusions of grandeur, is his ego. Many of Dragaunus’ failed plans may have succeeded had he not underestimated the Ducks or overestimated himself. He also has a problem with taking advice and constantly ignores Wraith’s opinions about the current plan, despite the fact that Wraith seems to be right most of the time. In addition, Dragaunus places all his faith in technology and ignores Wraith’s entreaties to utilize the ‘dark powers’ of their Saurian ancestors, a mistake, since his technology is often circumvented by Tanya’s inventiveness.. His temper is rather impressive as well - you do not want this guy mad at you - but when he’s angry he tends to be even more impulsive.

Dragaunus seems a bit obsessed with killing the Mighty Ducks, understandable from his point of view, and has come too close several times. He is a mean, obsessive, vindictive maniac.

Wraith: Dragaunus’ right hand man and advisor, Wraith is probably the smartest of the Saurians, or at least the most rational. He often finds the holes in Dragaunus’ plans before Dragaunus does. Unfortunately (for the Saurians) he’s ignored nine times out of ten.

Wraith has managed to gain control of the ‘dark powers’ of their Saurian ancestors. These powers include mind control and something called ‘mystic bolts’ which are capable of taking out a truck or, more to the point, a Duck. He is constantly trying to get Dragaunus and the others to learn as well, and has taught Siege a few tricks. However, the other Saurians prefer the more straightforward approach of a blaster.

In battle, Wraith prefers to use the ‘dark powers’ instead of a weapon or physical combat.

Favorite Quote: "This time there won’t be enough of you left to stuff a pillow!"

Siege: The ‘muscle’ of the Saurian team, Siege is a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ type of guy. Despite his sometimes amusing appearance - he looks like a beachball with a tail - Siege is strong, deadly and temperamental, a bad combination. He tends to be impulsive and often acts against the orders of Dragaunus and Wraith. His intelligence - what little he can claim - rarely interferes with the rashness of his actions.

Unlike Draguanus, Siege doesn’t have any particular love of technology, nor does he share Wraith’s obsession with the ‘dark powers’. In fact, he doesn’t seem to care about much of anything at all unless it involves heavy explosives.

Chameleon: Chameleon is easily the stupidest of the Saurians. With his childlike attitude and naivete, combined with his less than intimidating physique and all-around ineptitude, he would seem to be totally useless to Dragaunus, but he has one saving grace - shapeshifting.

Chameleon possesses the ability to shapeshift into anyone, real or fictitious. More than once he has fooled the Ducks into believing he was a teammate. It is impossible to tell the difference between Chameleon and the real thing just by appearance.

Whether Chameleon’s ability is a part of the ‘dark powers’ or if it’s just something that he can do hasn’t been revealed.

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