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Last updated: February 24th, 2003

All right, anime fans! If anyone knows of anyway I can get copies of first season Saiyuki, fansubbed, please let me know! I've got a friend who desperately needs to see this series! Email or instant message me if you have any leads for me. Thanks!

I've started revisions of old stories - correcting formatting and spelling errors, revising plot points that no longer work for me. Expect the heaviest revisions in Blood of Ancients, Thanksgiving, and Would if I Could. The last two may be deleted and completely rewritten. Homefront and Obsession, on the Mighty Ducks page, have already been revised.

Also, Tremaine is withholding new fanart from me until I update Blood of Ancients so expect something there soon. Does anyone even remember that story anymore? ^_^

I'm also working on:
"Darkest Before Dawn" - Harry Potter fandom, an AU set in the equivalent of the seventh year. What if Harry hadn't been there the night Voldemort came for the Potters?
"Mirror Fall" - Harry Potter fandom, a prequel to Dark Mirror
"Brother's Keeper" - Sentinel fandom, a prequel to the series
"Human Remains" - Mighty Ducks fandom, a non-BOA story inspired by Tremaine's fanart
"First Strike" - Mighty Ducks fandom, a novelised account of the pilot episode, told largely from Wildwing's perspective.
"Never/Ever/Forever" - Yu Yu Hakusho fandom, a trilogy following three of the main characters after they loose their fourth teammate.

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