The Mighty Ducks

Episode Summaries

The First Face Off: The premiere episode. When an evil Saurian overlord invades the peaceful planet of Puckworld, the fate of the entire world rests on seven unlikely heroes: The Mighty Ducks!

Take Me to Your Leader: Wildwing doesn’t think he has what it takes to be the team leader and leaves the Mighty Ducks to think things over.But before he can return he is abducted by aliens who think he’s responsible for the damage Dragaunus caused to their spaceship! Can the Ducks stop Dragaunus without Wildwing?

Phil in the Blank: Wraith brainwashes Phil into trying to kill the Ducks so the Saurians can carry out their plans for world conquest. Nosedive discovers their plan, but he’s injured before he can tell the others. Will the Ducks realize what’s happening before it’s too late?

Power Play: In order to keep the Ducks out of the way of his newest plan, Dragaunus uses a DNA accelerator to turn one of their worst rivals, Stanley Strazinski, into a raging, super-strong monster. Can Grin appeal to Strazinski’s good side before Dragaunus succeeds?

The Human Factor: Every time the Ducks turn around they seem to be faced with another group of hostile humans who don’t understand them, especially Dr. Wally Praetorius, a scientist who wants to study them. Imagine their surprise when they break down in a small town and are greeted as celebrities! But this sleepy little town has some dark secrets. Can Nosedive rescue his teammates before things go horribly wrong?

Zap Attack: Once again Dragaunus unleashes his energy being in an effort to keep the Mighty Ducks from uncovering his plans. But the Ducks, working with Tanya’s friend, Dr. Huggarman, manage to turn Dragaunus’ plot against him.

MicroDucks: Who the heck is Dr. Droid and why does he want to destroy every living thing on the face of the planet? That’s what the Ducks want to know, especially when Droid uses a weapon against them that causes Grin, Nosedive and Tanya to shrink! Can the Ducks help their teammates before they shrink out of existence? And can they stop Praetorius before he can accomplish his mad plans?

Beaks vs B.R.A.W.N: A super robot has followed Dragaunus out of Dimensional Limbo, intending to bring him back to his ancient prison, but Dragaunus reprograms it and sends the robot, B.R.A.W.N after the Ducks. With half their team injured, can Wildwing, Tanya and Mallory stop Dragaunus and B.R.A.W.N before it’s too late?

Duck Hard: When Dragaunus takes over the Pond, can Wildwing and Klegghorn get over their differences long enough to stop him and rescue the others?

Mondo-Man: When a xenophobic human gains super powers from Dragaunus’ DNA accelerator, he decides to try and rid Anaheim of evil - starting with the mighty Ducks! Can they convince him they’re on the good side and stop Dragaunus from ambushing a group of well-meaning aliens and stealing their bellerium crystals?

Monster Rally: A group of hipster mutants want to steal the Migrator’s engine so they can complete their plans to turn the rest of the world into mutants as well. Can the Ducks stop them in time?

Jurassic Puck: Dragaunus looses a herd of genetically engineered dinosaurs in the middle of Anaheim as part of his newest plan - to turn the city into a Saurian hotbed!

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