My Favorite Episodes

Yeah, yeah. I know I said I'd never do this, but I couldn't decide what else to put in a table, and I really needed to get this thing done! Now that it's up, I kinda like it, so it's probably here to stay.

Episode Reason Quote
The First Face-Off The episode that started it all. "I suddenly realized I had a gold mine on my hands! Hockey playing alien ducks! The fast food tie-ins alone would be worth a fortune!"
Jurassic Puck Lots of Nosedive. Funny. Dinosaurs! "Hey, guys? Quick favor: Pick up my mail, water my plants… Oh, and one last thing - HELP!!!!"
The Human Element Even moreNosedive! Lots of funny moments. "Now, this is a weird way to go; eaten by a surf and turf dinner!"
Phil in the Blank Dive saves the day! "Stand Back and watch the kid at work!"
Puck Hard Lots of action. Good scenes with Wildwing and Klegghorn "If this is your secret headquarters, I gotta tell you, I’m underwhelmed."
Monster Rally Cool action. Smarm! - Well, sorta anyway. "Dive, let go! Save yourself!"

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