Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Watching

by Elizabeth Billo

Even a stupid plan is better than no plan.
It's hard to get Grin mad, but when you do, stars help you.
A brothers love can move mountains.
Whatever planet they're from, men are still men.
Nosedive is smarter than he wants everyone to think.
When in doubt, don't use the explosive pucks.
Never send a henchman to do an overlords job.
No matter what wrongs were once committed, a person can change if a worthy cause arises.
White armor goes with anything.
Success depends on courage, teamwork, and dumb luck.
Everything that happens has something to do with the plot.
Tanya always knows what she's talking about.
Humans, though numerous, are generally a clueless species.
Never, never mess with Wildwing.
Hockey is the greatest sport in existence.
The best way to end is with a wrap-up, a joke, and a fade-out.

Contributed by Rebecca

1) Don't mess with the leader, it ain't worth it.
2) Even the low guy on the totem pole sometimes has good ideas.
3) Always trust your teammates.
4) If you skip practice, you'll have a problem during the game.
5) *N0,* the NHL will *NOT* understand if you miss a game so you can save the world. (And neither will your principle if you skip school)
6) Having a war and being transported to another dimension is a *great* way to get out of high school early!
7) Don't be noble, just run for it when you have a chance!
8) Blowing up things is a great way to relieve stress.
9) No matter what happens, act like you meant to have it happen.
10) Henchmen are usually stupid and will fall for anything. Use this to your advantage.
11) Always check your calculations at *least* one more time!
12) You can run your life better than a manager could. Don't bother with it.
13) If someone checks you, they get a penalty. Don't give away power plays.
14) When chasing after electricity creatures with squirt guns, be sure to refill often.
15) Being trigger happy is a good way to get benched.

Contributed by Tazura Avey

When a plan goes wrong, it's always the henchmen's fault and plan.
When a plan works, it becomes the Overlord's plan.
Never trust a fan of the Ducks with an evil plan.
Allies come from the strangest places and in unexpected forms.
A bazooka can open any door as easily as a toothpick.
Villains often have pets that reveal their true personalities.
NEVER get between Klegghorn and a doughnut.
When Phil starts kissing up, watch your tail feathers 'cause he's gonna want a favor from you.
Always take extra ammo with you. Just in case.
Don't stick worms in Mallory's boots if you enjoy breathing.
If you need anything, Lectric Land's sure to have it.
If you got it, flaunt it.
Mall crawling is a great way to unwind after saving the world.
A beautiful face may hide a devious mind.
Take something to read when you get kidnapped.
NEVER call the Ducks anything besides "Ducks".
Always call the biggest robot you have, "Tiny".
Never trust a villain's promise.
TO underestimate a Duck is to admit defeat.
Birds of a feather really DO flock together.
A good flashback does wonders for the plot.
Sometimes it takes a crisis to reveal a Team Captain.
The Overlord is always right.
Saving the world is a great excuse to get out of personal appearances.
Overlords and other villains have the neatest toys.
Duck as soon as you finish telling the Overlord why you failed.
When in doubt, blame someone else for your failures.
After escaping from the Saurians, always check your clothes for a homing beacon.
Don't bug Mallory in the middle of a battle.

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