Shinobu and Mitsuru

The first thing I noticed when I watched Here is Greenwood for the first time was that Kazuya reminded me way too much of a girl I'd know during high school. The second thing I noticed was the two cute guys who show up part way through the first episode. I asked Akane who they were and the conversation went something like this:

-"Are they the two cute ones you kept babbling at me about?"
-"Yes. Shut up, they're going to talk."

Mitsuru and Shinobu. Aiyah.

I think I fell instantly in love. Those two had a relationship that was everything I look for. They were best friends, roommates and partners in crime and they played off each other so well I was ready to bow down and worship

Being the sort of person who must instantly share any cool new toy she finds, I started this site. It's just my little way of trying to convert the entire world.

With two guys as cute as this, there's bound to be plenty of pictures! These images have been gathered from just about every site I could find and my only complaint is that there aren't more of them.
The Greenwood Gallery

I'm not the only one who enjoys writing about these guys. Check here for links to fanfiction by a variety of authors.
Eclectica: Here is Greenwood

I honestly think these two make the cutest shonen-ai couple in anime...
I'll Make Them Yaoi if I Want to Make Them Yaoi!

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