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Just a small update this time. Two fics - Obsession and Homefront - have been revised and editted for content and plot. Hopefully the revisions are slightly easier to get through than the originals were. Obsession actually has several new scenes and pieces of dialogue. Next update should be a revision of Thanksgiving and a teaser of the next chapter of Blood of Ancients.

Note: All stories are listed in the order in which they occur, not the order in which they are written.

Last updated: 11-20-02

Alternate Universe/Non Blood of Ancient Stories

It's Ten o'Clock... - Nosedive worries about his sanity when he seemingly begins to have hallucinations. Rated PG-13/R for violence and language.

The Blood of Ancients TimeLine

Arsenal of Freedom - Set several months before the beginning of the series, Canard sets out to bring the members of the Mighty Ducks together for the first time.

For Them - Set shortly before the episode The First Face-Off. Seeing Wildwing and Nosedive for the first time since the Saurians took control has Canard thinking about the past, and about all the reasons they have to keep fighting.

Promenade - Wildwing's thoughts, after arriving on Earth.

Obsession - Typical "crazed fan stalks Dive" story. Not my best piece of work. Rated PG.

Pieces of Home - Epilogue to the episode Monster Rally and contains spoilers for that episode. Wildwing considers the close call he and Dive had.

Those We Left Behind - Epilogue to Monster Rally and "Pieces of Home." Duke and Mallory discuss the families they left behind on Puckworld.

Would If I Could - I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. I may have been possessed, or possibly doped up on Nyquil. Epilogue to Monster Rally and "Those We Left Behind." Tanya and Grin's turn to talk about the past. Rated PG for semi-adult topics.

Giving Thanks - Thanksgiving time at the Pond! Phil tries to share the spirit of Thanksgiving with Wildwing and reveals that he may have slightly more to him than any of them thought. Some dirty little secrets from Wildwing and Nosedive's past appear. Rated PG for discussion of child abuse.

Meditations - Nosedive's thoughts one evening.

Brotherhood - Companion to "Meditations." Duke tries to get through to Dive.

Masks - Duke observes the tensions between Dive and Wildwing.

Beyond Brotherhood - Sequel to "Brotherhood." A tale told in three parts from Dive, Wildwing and Duke's POVs.

Deck the Halls - Short silly Christmas story.

New Year's Eve - Another holiday-related piece. Mild sap alert.

Earthquake - An earthquake strikes Anaheim. This was my first Mighty Ducks story ever, so don't expect too much.

Homefront - The Saurians have found another way into the Pond. Now Duke and Nosedive must fight their own security measures to get to their friends, while Wildwing faces off against the three Saurian intruders alone.

Independence Day - And yet another holiday piece! More mild sap. Still no point. Cute fluff piece.

School Daze - The Mighty Ducks message board inspired this one. Why doesn't Dive go to school, anyway?

The Climb - An introspective piece from Duke's POV.

NegaDucks - When the team gets caught in one of Dragaunus' traps, they find themselves in another world, where everything is frighteningly familiar, and undeniably dangerous. Mild warning for language.

Terms of Survival - Would you believe I wrote a Jurassic Park crossover? When John Hammond needs help with the security measures in his new theme park, who else is he going to call? Rated PG for language and violence.

Anniversary - Just what are Grin and Nosedive up to? And will Mallory resist the urge to kill them before their sneaking around drives her nuts?

The Blood of Ancients - It starts with three strangers, and ends with Nosedive vanishing in a flash of light. As the surviving Mighty Ducks struggle to survive in the face of a sudden Saurian attack, a prophecy as old as time is about to come true which may destroy all three worlds in the process. Rated PG for language and mild violence. This rating may change as the story progresses.

Christmas This Year - Yet another pointless holiday fluff piece. This one occurs after the "Blood of Ancients" and contains some spoilers for the end of the story.

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